Ye ye Banyaknya Cross Stitch yg Siap

Totally Spices .. errrr the 3 Musketeers ..
Date Started : January 2009

Date Finished : November 2009
Fabric : 18ct

The Cross Stitch Bookmark Kit
Date Started : November 2009

Date Finished : November 2009 (a week)
Fabric : 18ct

Remark : A gift from Kak CT together with her cross stitch card give away .. waiting for another kits from China .. must complete 6 kits for the ladies at office ..

New Project!!!!

Received the parcell : October 2008 consists of 3 kits (supposed to be 4 but 1 kit was sent later, tq again Kak CT)

Progress : Until last night is right here babeh ..(the 4th kit)
Date Started : 27 November 2009 (Aidil Adha)
at my hometown (at first to show off at my sisters n brothers ... lol)
Fabric : 14ct

Plan to finish it before i move to Bukit Mertajam ..

Another project during my confinement .. Still waiting for these 2 clock kits from Kak CT (again??) lol .. One for me, to hang it in the new office at Bukit Mertajam, and another one is for Maznah for her new office at Bukit Chabang .. We've been working together for 5 years, and it's really hard for me to forget the bittersweet memories that we've been through .. and I wish that the 'time' could possibly runs as smooth as before though both of us are apart .. dunno when can I meet her again ..

I'll take the blue one I guess .. if I have time .. I'll stitch one for Kak Ewa too .. but without the cloct set ..

ps: it's a healing of my heart .. spending times by cross stitching .. in fact i'm in a very bad mood while waiting for the baby .. thinking of new home .. new environment and how to handle my 3 lil kids alone .. since my husband couldnt move together with us .. it's so frustrated .. and I really see that this activity makes me feel better .. I have 8 days to deliver, and around 1.5 months to move to Bukit Mertajam .. Babai Manjung ..

2 ulasan:

  1. Alin, semoga selamat bersalin ye.
    banyak tu projek dah siap.
    Keep up the cross stitch spirit...! :)

  2. tq yati ..
    yg photo budak2 tuh benang pun dh beli tp kain tak sempat selaongkar kabinet ..
    sudahnya skrg dh masuk kotak utk bw k bukit mertajam ..
    so buat apa yg ada kat tgn j ..