H083 Siap!!!

No name of the pattern but code No H083
Duration : 8 days (27/11/09 - 4/12/09)
Size : 36w x 327h
14ct fabric

As per 3/12/09

After back stitching completed by just now

Zoom in for a clearer image

hehehehehhh say no word please since I'll start a new pattern after this .. I decided to finish this Lightning McQueen the Cars & Sally first ... Really hope that it could be completed within this long stay at home ..

2 ulasan:

  1. cantiks!! jeles nya I.. tak pernah siapkan sekeping yang macam ni dalam masa 8 hari.. sebulan pun dah kira cepat.

  2. kecik j as ...
    nih tgh bercuti siap la .. cuba try waktu kerja kalau tak 80 hari pun blm tentu